Symposium 14. Strategic communication with the public

12 / 18 / 2020

The 34th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for AIDS Research (JSAR) was held on November 27 to December 24, 2020.
Tokyo Sexual Health has taken part at the JSAR conference as well; Symposium 14 "Strategic communication with the public - Information distribution about gender and health".

We tried to maximize this online conference and we invited 3 presentors to join us to record our parts in a studio. We got to record it in a relaxed environment and had a fun discussion with everyone.

The first presenter was from "Do It London" by Mr. Paul Steinberg. He introduced the Do it London campaign and gave us a 50 minute detailed presentation on how the campaign left an impact and became a legacy in the HIV control in London and the rest of United Kingdom.

Followed by Mr. Gon Matsunaka of Pride House Tokyo Legacy, which was launched on October 11, 2020 in Shinjuku. This is a facility to accomodate the sexual minorities, particularly the LGBT community and have also organized various events and actively produced contents for the public.

Next was Ms. Asuka Someya of Pilcon, an NPO whos work is focused to different group ages and approached the community in different perspective, inorder to deliver lessons and events.

Lastly, we had Mr. Yosuke Takaku of JaNP+ as moderator for the group discussion. Mr. Takaku have been involved for a long time in supporting the community of people living with HIV.

We would like to present the videos here eventually and more about each organizations work on in this website.