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Medical Facilities

Sexual health clinics overseas often provides a comprehensive consultation for sexual health issues, but in contrast, there is no specific department for "sexual health" included as part of standard departments under the Medical Law. Doctors who sees patients under internal medicine, infectious diseases, gynecology, urology, and dermatology are also seeing patients with sexual health concerns, such as sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

Women often consults the obstetrics and gynecology department and for men, they consult the urology department.

If you do not know where to consult, please consult a specialist first (dermatology if its condition of the skin, internal medicine if it is a systemic symptom, clinical oncology if it is about breasts). They will refer you to other departments according to the diagnosis and necessity.

The internet is commonly used to search for medical facilities, and there are various medical institution search sites and apps, but please be careful in choosing one. Sites that post patients feedback might be biased and differ from the facts.
In addition, the information on the site may be out of date, so please check and contact the institution before you visit.

Under the medical law, there is a medical information provision system (Medical Information Net) that provides information on medical institutions by prefectures for residents. It is highly advised that you access this for specific prefecture.

You can access the sites per prefecture from the links below:

Saitama: English assistance needed
Kanagawa - Facilities with foreign language services
Kanagawa - For foreign residents

AIDS Core Hospital can be found on the following link.

HIV testing can be covered by Japanese national health insurance if you have a history of sexually transmitted diseases or suspect of being infected. If you would like to have a screening test (without any symptoms), the fee cannot be reimbursed by the national health insurance. Please check the price in advance before taking any tests.
For information on contraception and pregnancy, see "Reproductive Health."

HIV and STD tests at public health centers, etc.

Most public health centers in Japan can provide HIV tests for free and anonymously, and some have hotline on syphilis testing and sexually transmitted diseases in general. More and more testing facilities are conducting "same-day tests" in which you can receive the result within the day. Check the medical institution for lastest information before going for consultation.
The following sites introduce facilities where HIV testing is available.
HIV Testing and Consulation Map

HIV Self-testing

HIV Self-tests by mail that are used from home are now available. It has the advantage of being able to take tests at home for users, but it is important to consult a doctor in order to correctly interpret the test results and receive a diagnosis

Those who have been victims of sexual crimes and sexual violence

Being forced to act sexually that you don't want is sexual violence, regardless of who you are or where you are.
It may be very hard to talk to someone, or it may take a lot of courage.
Organizations with proper training and experience, they can help and assist while respecting the will of victims

There is a one-stop support center for victims of sexual crimes and sexual violence nationwide.
Gender Equality in Japan
There are other organizations that have hotlines.

If you are able, please consult the nearest police station.
You may need to visit a medical institution for emergency contraceptive pills, sexually transmitted diseases, and other necessary testing.

For more information on sex crimes and sexual violence, see “Sexual Harassment and Violence”.