When you need a support

Sexual health issues and concerns are difficult to consult with anyone about. We have some tips fto help you find a place to talk about your sexual health issues.

Please refer to “Prior to your travel to Japan" first if you have a foreign citizenship, or have come to Japan from a foreign country.

People often consider searching for information on the Internet, and for some, are undecided about whether to consult a specialist or visit a medical institution. You can certainly find information on the internet, however, it's important to choose a reliable source of information. We recommend you consider these points when reading an information site:
 ① The subject of information provision is clear
 ② It is produced by a public institution,
 ③ supervised by medical experts
 ④ Supported by evidence-based data
 ⑤ Updated with new information We also suggest you compare multiple sites, choose those without profitability and consult a specialist if you have any questions.