Report on Fast Track Cities Workshop Japan 2022

12 / 9 / 2022

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the Japanese AIDS Society concluded a memorandum with Fast-Track Cities Society and the International Association of AIDS Care Providers (IAPAC) to promote Fast-Track Cities initiatives in Japan.
Fast-Track Cities initiatives are global partnerships that recommend anti-AIDS measures at the city level.

In the afternoon of the same day, Fast-track Cities Workshop Japan 2022 was held in a hybrid format to stimulate cross-disciplinary discussions, including civil groups, healthcare professionals, and researchers, and to contribute to Japanese AIDS control by providing an opportunity to share best practices for AIDS control worldwide.

Five guest speakers invited from overseas gave a special presentation on trends in AIDS control worldwide and the efforts of citizen groups in London, Australia.
Two panel discussions were held on the theme of "Learning from the History of HIV Measures." In the first panel discussion, four panelists who had been involved in civil society for a long time and contributed greatly to combating domestic HIV spoke about the community's power in the Japanese AIDS response.

Subsequently, in the second panel discussion, four panelists working on the frontline were invited to discuss the topic of "Measures against sexually transmitted diseases, which are considered by the public and the stakeholders'.

In spite of daytime on weekdays, workshops were held with 33 people at the venues and 50 people online by the public, healthcare professionals, and support groups.
Behind the Japanese HIV epidemic has been controlled to some extent, there are significant contributions from the community. In order to further promote HIV measures and take advantage of other measures against infectious diseases, we believe that this is a critical point-whether administrative organizations, medical research institutions, and civil groups can communicate smoothly and discrepantly.