About Us

Tokyo Sexual Health
-Sexual Health for Everyone-

Tokyo Sexual Health is a sexual health promotion program established by a team of investigators with support from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ahead of the Olympic games, hoping to create a new platform and network that promotes sexual health and will continue even after the Olympic and Paralympic games. We aim to leave a legacy through this program.

There have been epidemics of HIV and other STIs over the years in Japan. Ending these STI epidemics cannot be achieved without adequate facilities where everyone feels safe and comfortable to talk about their sexual health and receive care. Therefore, every effort should be made with consideration of human rights, diversity and equality to ensure all people in Tokyo can receive this care.
Tokyo Sexual Health works to ensure access to sexual health care services for everyone, by distributing comprehensive information, building a network and partnership with medical professionals, private groups, the government, and international organizations, and implementing research to evaluate the impact of national STI programs.

Our mission is to promote sexual health in Japan that contributes to a society where everyone can pursue a healthier life with dignity and respect.